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Business Insurance Basics

August 2, 2020


When you own a business, there are multiple processes and procedures that must be followed. If you manage employees, their safety and security should be taken into consideration at all times. For a large company, you may have a collection of expensive equipment on hand that could bring business to a halt if damaged by a disaster. But no matter the size of your organization, no one is immune to accidental injury. Here’s what you need to know about covering these under a business insurance policy.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance
If an employee slips and falls on the premises, injures themselves while lifting a heavy box, or maybe becomes ill due to exposure to harsh chemicals, what do you do? Worker’s Compensation Insurance is available to protect businesses and employees after work-related illness or injury. Benefits could include payment for lost wages, emergency and ongoing medical care, or physical therapy, to name a few. In most states, a Worker’s Compensation Insurance policy is required for a business to operate.

Commercial Property Insurance
A pipe burst in your warehouse and no one was around to hear it. Did it make a sound? Probably, but it definitely damaged some equipment and important documents during the flood. Commercial Property Insurance is essential to a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) for situations such as these. From computers and inventory to store signs and fence posts, your policy coverage can span from the inside of your building to the immediate perimeter. You developed this company from the ground up, so protecting your investments with a material-based policy may be a sensible decision.

Business Liability Insurance
Accidents happen, it’s true. But what if a customer or client is injured on your property? Does that make you liable? Business Liability Insurance—also called General Liability Insurance—covers you against claims that are made against you for injuries sustained during regular business procedures. This policy could also cover you against claims of property damage and advertising offenses such as libel or slander.

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